Entirely new product? A bit variation in Design? or from our multiple catalogs offering more than 10,000 surgical instruments? German Health Care is commited to supply all instruments with medically approved raw materials, in the best quality, and through ethical manufacturing practices.


German Health Care offers complete OEM solution for manufacturing of Surgical Instruments. Our three main catalogs; General Surgery, Dental, & Electrosurgical, comprise of more than ten thousand different kinds of surgical instruments used in the healthcare industries throughout the world.



Production Process

Each production process is well defined and always documented under batch and lot numbers which can be tracked back as and when required within five years after production. The files, grinding/polishing wheels, milling cutters, drills and threading taps are mostly imported from Germany to stay ahead in technological competition.

German, French or Japanese steel (round or flat) is used in general models whereas Pakistan steel may be used in disposable items, The selection of material depends upon the choice of customers as per their quality, price and market requirements. Material certificate issued by a recognized lab can be provided with each lot.

We have established a laboratory with all required testing chemicals and equipment. All of the instruments are passed through boil test and then special surface treatment process to ensure smooth, clean and homogeneous surface of the instruments. This process maximizes the natural corrosion resistance property of stainless steel.

Technical AutoCAD Drawings and Go/No Go Gauges are made through CNC machines which are used throughout the manufacturing cycle. This ensures the delivery of precise and accurate instruments, constantly and smoothly.


We have established an independent quality control department which is equipped with the German testing equipment and well trained experienced staff. Each instrument is required to be passed through certain controlling processes before finally packed and shipped.

Our valued customers receive a Q.C Certificate with each lot that contains complete information about all Q.C parameters performed. This Certificate bears a Unique ID which can be used for traceability of all production processes from forging to packaging in our system and can be provided to customers as and when required.





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